2014 Love Run Half Marathon Recap


This was a wet one, I literally could wring water out of all my running gear after the run. This half marathon was the most challenging I’ve run to date. The weather gods provided a lovely cocktail of wind, rain and cold the entire time I was on the course, sapping my energy by mile 13. I was feeling the cold and the rain and definitely not love by the end of this race.

Love Run Half Marathon

Waiting to get our run on at the inaugural Love Run Half Marathon

Nerds. There is always time for a pre-race selfie! The rain wasn’t as intense at this point, but that didn’t stop us from bundling up at the start.  The rain picked up around mile 4 and did not let up till the finish.


Nerds running.

My Garmin map of the run.

The 2014 Love Run Half Marathon was Philly’s premier spring half marathon event. Hosted by CGI Racing, this running event raised funds for the Campaign for Philadelphia Education Fund. Event organizers say this run will be a yearly event with a focus on charities that benefit the residents of Philadelphia.

Run Pros:

  • The Preacher
  • Spring race timed perfectly to get people into training mode for future spring races in and around Philly.
  • Well organized race start and finish.
  • Ginormous bling – see top photo.
  • Despite the rain and the cold, the volunteers always had a smile.

Run Cons:

  • Backtrack portion on MLK Drive. Would it have been better to complete the Loop?
  • The weather. Although the race organizers have no control over this, it did impact my run today.

All in all, I would recommend this race for those interested. It is a solid goal that will help motivate you to maintain training during the winter months. 



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