2014 Philadelphia Marathon


A beautiful Sunday for a Marathon!

The 2014 Philadelphia Marathon went off without a hitch today. I was not one of the runners, instead I played the role of a spectator cheering on the marathoners a half mile from the finish line. It was fun spending a few hours taking photos of the runners and cheering them on to the finish. It also was a great opportunity to check out the 10 fps on the Canon 7DMark2 and focus tracking. Wow! It did not disappoint. Let me say again: WOW!

It was a disconcerting not running this marathon, but it is all part of my master marathon plan. This week starts with base mileage in preparation for formal Paris marathon training starting the second week in December.

Here are few images I captured during the marathon. The rest can be found on Flickr. I am allowing the runners to download a high-resolution copy of their image to display as they see fit.

I love the creativity of costumes worn by runners.


Hello Mr. Happy Runner. Yes, I was just as ecstatic to finish the Berlin Marathon sans costume.


Dude has a righteous mustache. Also, Maryland flag shorts.


Evidently, Mr. Philadelphia runs a marathon.


I hope you enjoyed the images of the 2014 Philly Marathon. Did you run this marathon? Let me know in the comment section.



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  • Trevor Hilton

    When do you leave for Paris?

    • Tania

      April 2015.