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2015 Half Sauer Half Kraut Half Marathon Recap

Why I ran this half marathon. This particular event is ten minutes from where I live. I have the luxury of sleeping in a bit later than usual. Also, the course runs through a park where I often train. It is a hyper local race that supports a great charity. Also, good German beer is served at the post run party.

Start Line of Half Marathon

This is a hot race, as in temperature and humidity HOT. Less is more when dressing for this half marathon. I wore a tank top and running shorts from Athleta.

The Garmin 910XT grabbed satellites without a problem. I still need to configure download settings for my Mac Mini.


This is a hyper local race in a park that I love.
The volunteers are FABULOUS!
The cost of this race is very wallet friendly.
The runners themselves are the most supportive I’ve met in distance runs.
I really like the challenge of multiple hills and trail running packed into one half marathon.
The start and finish are ten minutes from my house.
The post run party at Canstatter’s is one the best.


The heat and humidity make this event a ‘fun run only’. This is not a race to beat a PR/PB.

Runability rating: 5.

I love this race and will sign up for it next year. Hope to see you there!



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