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2015 Rock and Roll Halloween Half Marathon Recap

Halloween was a real treat this year with the annual Rock&Roll Half Marathon that was pushed to Halloween due to the Papal visit in September. One delightful surprise, the course route this year was changed. Eliminated was the run up a hill to Memorial Hall on East River Drive. This was a truly a flat course this year. Hopefully this course shall be revisited next year.

Scenes from the run:

Always fun to run between the legs of a ginormous blow up guitar dude.


The Water Works and Art Museum on view across the river.


Run ability Rating: 4

1: Hell no, never, ever, again
2: Unless crucial changes are made, then NO
3: Meh – If you have nothing better to do that day, then go for it.
4: Put this on your list of potential runs for next year.
5: I’ve already signed up for next year.

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  • rochester_veteran

    My nephew’s wife, Anne, ran in the Philly Rock and Roll Halloween Half Marathon too. As with you, Tania, she’s an avid runner as well.