2015 Spring Running Series


I like nothing more on cold rainy days in January then to plan out my spring running series. This year I’m looking forward to visiting Paris and running a marathon while I’m there. This season is a return to familiar races that I can’t seem to quit in favor of new challenges.


This run is one I can take or leave. It is a month out from the Paris Marathon.
Shamrock Dolphin Challenge

Oh la la, Paris!
Paris Marathon

I can’t resist this amazing 10 mile run through Philadelphia.
Broad Street Run

The start line is 5 minutes from my home. I run in this park often so there is very little reason why I should not run this fun, local half marathon. Also, the wearing of lederhosen during the race is encouraged.
Half Sauer Half Kraut Half Marathon

I’m now eyeballing the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Half Marathon in July. Yes, Pennsylvania has a ‘grand canyon’ of sorts and this half is primarily a trail run through forests. Which sounds absolutely beautiful. Also, it would give me a good excuse to explore this part of PA.

Yes, I am a medal slut.

Medal Slut


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