2015 Year in Review

New Year 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 is a blank slate just waiting to be colored in with all sorts of adventures.

I look forward to discovering where my passion projects lead me this year. 2015 was one heck of rollercoaster ride filled with unexpected twists and turns where I invested time developing my passion projects. My ‘Nine in 2015’ collated Instagram photos sum up my varied activities and travel this past year. Some far-flung adventures and some close to home and heart. I’m proud of them all!


Starting at the beginning of the year, I attended a CBS3 Philadelphia Weather Watchers training meeting and filmed the first of two commercials for the CBS3 Weather Watcher program.

Anchor Desk Tania

Winter into early spring had me outdoors, at night, in the cold and snow training for the 2015 Paris Marathon. It was terrible training schedule but it revealed a steely layer of resolve that I didn’t know I possessed. The experience did not kill my love of running just refined my preferred seasons to train. Definitely sticking with Fall marathons in the future. I recall it took everything in me to smile for the photographer as I ran past. I had no energy, suffering from a nasty head cold which later turned into a double ear infection. I was determined to cross that finish line even if I crawled.

Marathon de Paris

The reward for all the struggle and sweat was so very, very sweet. To earn a marathon medal in my beloved Paris was a dream come true.


August 6th – the first Presidential debate was hosted by Fox News and Facebook. For weeks leading up to the debate, Fox news asked viewers to submit questions to the candidates. So I decided to participate and submitted my video question. Out of three thousand entries, mine was chosen to air during the debate. Republican candidate for president Marco Rubio answered my question. Twenty four million viewers tuned into this debate, the highest number of viewers to date for any presidential debate.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 8.25.25 PM

Soon after the local media started asking me questions. Fun times on Fox 29!

Tania on Fox News

After the media spotlight drifted to other topics, I focused my attention on an upcoming trip to Iceland to run the Reykjavík Half Marathon. The country is simply stunning and it really was love at first sight. Honestly, I have found my people. I long for my return to this island of trolls and glaciers.

Finisher Bling

Pre run selfie mode in Reykjavík. The weather was pitch perfect for a 13.1 mile run around the city.

What I Wore

A story has rattled around in my head for years. This year I took the story out of my head and wrote it down. Well, 51,000 words of it during November’s National Novel Writing Month project. This is, in fact, a dream turned into reality. I am extraordinarily proud to be the owner of a terrible first draft of a novel with no name. Before you ask, no, I am not sharing details of the story until the novel is in print.

Anticipation. I’m making you wait.


Last organized run of the year in support of Philly’s Independence Hall National Historic Park. A quick 5K run around the historic bits of Philadelphia and fun time to chat with local historians dressed period costume.


The last month of this year was challenging on a personal level. Mom was hospitalized for most of December and released from hospital on New Year’s Eve. We are still not out of the woods just yet, but I am hopeful she well recover to her baseline levels. In the midst of this stress a spark of light appeared in the form of an article. A marvelous piece of journalistic genius highlighting my journey in photography and showcasing my photography. I was fortunate to have the story of my photography written up in a PhantomSway.com article . It is a wonderful read with lots of pretty pictures – though I may be a wee bit biased.

What’s in store for 2016? I’m not sure, but I will tell you that I will adopt Gary Vaynerchuk’s motto for all of next year and years to come. It’s a bit salty but it is a spot on analysis of what success looks like.


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  • rochester_veteran

    What a year you had, Tania! So cool that we share a love of weather watching. I didn’t know you were sick for the Paris Marathon. My gosh, marathons are hard to run in their own right, but to finish it with a head cold was a herculean effort that I commend you on! I remember watching the debate and seeing your video question aired and sharing your elation! Your question was the best of the bunch! I lived vicariously through your photos and accounts of your journey to Iceland for the half marathon. I’m so glad that your Mom is back home after a tough month of sickness and hospital stays. You are truly an extraordinary person that I am proud to call my friend and I hope nothing but the best for you in the coming year!

    • Tania

      First to comment in 2016! Yay!!!