A Collection of Resources for New DJI Phantom Users


I’d thought to put together a post containing links to websites and YouTube channels where I find useful information about the DJI Phantom quadcopter. I have these links bookmarked all over and thought it would be good to have them in one place. Also, I’m sharing the links to help other newbie quadcopter pilots find information more easily. My own experience starting out was frustrating. I don’t even want to get into the mislabeled screws I discovered when installing the Zenmuse gimbal. Oh holy heck, that was a frustrating three days till I discovered a YouTube video describing the install and the issue with the screws.

I hope this post will ease some of the stress of installation and introduce talented aerial videographers and bloggers I’ve come across in the past few months of quadcopter ownership. This is not an all-inclusive list just a starting point for gaining practical knowledge and insight into flying a quadcopter.

Simon Newton: On the kitchen table reviews DJI Phantom setups along with tips on improving the performance of your quadcopter.

Tom’s Tech Time : Tips, hints and practical demonstrations on the various aspects of the DJI Phantom.

DomsFlights: Dom offers keen insights into the workings of a quadcopter,  First Person View (FPV) and the legal aspects of flying a quadcopter. Note he quotes CAA not FAA law due to the fact he lives in Scotland. Still it is good to get a perspective on the legal ramifications. Although, I just don’t understand why the FAA refuses to remove its head from its arse and work on sensible regulations, such can be found in CAA.  Okay..deep breath…I’m calm now.

MicBergsma: His enthusiasm for all things GoPro and DJI Phantom are infectious as well as informative.

Below is a list of websites and user groups where I find useful information about quadcopter or radio controlled flight.  I included a few local websites that highlight the work of quadcopter aerial photographers in my area.

DJI Forum. The place to start reading and asking questions as a new Quadcopter user.

Academy of Model Aeronautics – I am a card-carrying member since the purchase of my quadcopter. The forums and information are invaluable resources for those who are new to radio controlled products. I highly recommend purchasing a membership if you are new to this hobby.

Center for the study of the Drone at Bard College. This site has a great collection on various aspects of drone or quadcopter technology and news.

Dronestagram. A content curating site for quadcopter enthusiasts all over the world. You can search by location to find the work of other enthusiasts in your city.

SkyPixel. A content curating site for DJI Phantom owners to upload and share videos and photos created with your DJI product.

FroKnowsPhoto – Jared Polin is a prolific photographer and podcaster in Philly. Recently, he had the opportunity to test out the latest DJI quadcopter – Inspire 1 – posting video and a review on his blog FroKnowsPhoto.

Philly By Air – Inspiring  aerial images of Philadelphia  and surrounding suburbs taken by a DJI Phantom.


This is just the start, focusing on the nuts and bolts of flying a quadcopter.  I’m hoping to continually add to this post as I find high quality, useful information on quadcopters or aerial photography/videography.  If you have any suggestions of other resources, please let me know by posting the information in the comment section.



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  • Dakota

    Hey Everyohe,

    Happy Holidays! 🙂

    Hoping someone sees this as I’m in need of help! I’m looking for the perfect present for my son this Xmas. He loves drones and remote control cars. Pretty much anything he can control. I want to stay away from the fancy/expensive products (he’ll break it for sure haha). Also, I think $100 is plenty to spend on a child… Anyway, what do you guys think of these 6… I want to get to get something more toy oriented if that makes sense. Nothing too complicated.


    Please let me know if you see this soon! I need to get my shopping done asap and would appreciate all your help!


  • Thanks for the links, just got the DJI Phantom 2 vision+ and learning all about it!