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A Giftless Christmas? How about less stuff and more experiences?


Chase Jarvis uploaded a thought-provoking short video on the value of experiences over stuff. And if you want to buy stuff, please review where and whom your gift benefits.


We are in the midst of a full on surge of mass consumerism called Christmas that can leave one feeling addled and empty inside. I wrote a year back about scaling back on gifts and giving more of my time to loved ones. It appears I am not alone in this attempt to find the real gifts of this season. Chase makes an excellent case for sharing experiences and less stuff.

After all, stuff goes away but memories of experiences linger in our hearts.

What are your plans to bring sanity back into this season? Feel free to opine in the comment section. Please note comments are moderated and subject to my approval.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    I still remember Christmas 1996 my older niece said she was sorry, but she didn’t have the money to get me a gift. I told her I would take a hug and kiss for as a gift. I got the biggest, sweetest hug and kiss then.
    It never goes out of style. It never wears out. And it just lasts forever.

  • rochester_veteran

    This is my M.O. Tania, sharing experiences. But I also give gifts, nothing wrong with that. There’s always gifts underneath my Christmas tree for my loved ones.