A Springtime Renewal


Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life ~ S.D. Gordon

Where do I begin? I am currently staring at a blank Scrivener page trying to find a way to start this conversation.

So, hello. Again.

Since I last wrote on the blog, much has happened that sucked every molecule of energy away from me. Moving mom into assisted living along with the task of condensing a lifetime of personal belongings into a small studio room has exhausted me both physically and emotionally. Also, the many tearful phone calls from mom begging me to come take her home did not help. This has not been an easy transition for mom but a necessary one due to her medical and mental condition.

Most nights I would sit down in front of the computer completely unmotivated to write a blog post in my typical upbeat tone. It seemed disingenuous to do so. So I didn’t write at all. I rarely took a photograph and stopped running. Not a very smart move. Writing, photography and running are very cathartic releases for me. These separate interests have always been places where I could go work some sense into this crazy, chaotic life.

My hope in this post is to start the conversation anew. One blog post at a time. I don’t want to slip back into silence, it is nothing but poisonous to me. I can’t promise all the posts will be founts of knowledge and wisdom but they will be authentic to what is going on in my life at the moment – which will include copious posts on photography, running and that damn novel I’ve working on for like forever.

In the spirit of Easter, let this be a moment of rebirth for this blog.

Whew…it felt so good to write that.

Let me share a video from the coolest photographer on the block, Chase Jarvis. He touches on why it is important to start conversations, get your work out there and not wallow in silence. It certainly rang true for me at this junction in my life and my journey with creative pursuits. Chase invited Austin Kleon of Steal Like An Artist fame to share his thoughts on why and how you should get your work out there. I’ve long admired Austin and his creative philosophy and have adapted a similar approach to my creative output. Not sure its working but it goes something like this: Steal many ideas like an artist, mash-up the ideas (what if moment), then create something uniquely yours.

Sometimes when you show you work, the response is silence. Seriously this happened TWICE to me.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Use the comment section to opine.


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  • TaniaGail


  • rochester_veteran

    Tough times for you, Tania! I can both relate and empathize with what’s been going on in your life as I’ve been going through similar tribulations, with the love of my life fighting cancer and my step Mom also being moved into assisted living due to dementia. Again, if you even need to talk…

  • Lonnie


    Like I said one of your best posts as well as picture to lead with. I do remember something about this novel awhile back, any hints on when you will put something out on it?

    Best wishes & positive thoughts,

    – Lonnie

    • Tania

      Believe it or not, I have wrote a teaser 100 word challenge based on the novel I worked on during the NaNoWriMo challenge this past November. My plan is to have a first draft ready for a review by the end of this year.

      Thanks for your kind comments, life has been quite interesting the past five months.