Photo Credit: Richard C 

Photographer, Runner, and Muse.

Hello, readers. It’s me, Tania.

For those new to this blog or simply curious about the author, here are a few tidbits about me that I hope you will find illuminating:

  • I live and work in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Running is one of my passions and I love sharing running adventures with my readership. I complete triathlons when the mood strikes me.
  • I thoroughly enjoy an organic lifestyle. No, this does not make me a hippie. 
  • I am an excellent cook – so says everyone I know.
  • I like to take photos with Canon cameras but will happily jump into an affair with Leica if given the opportunity.
  • I have fun mixing travel with running and will write about the adventures.
  • Home brewed beer is served at chez Tania.
  • Mom to a fur-kid named Penny.
  • I cannot read or write Japanese. Yet.
  • Social media, Sci-Fi and technology make my heart race – especially when all three are mashed together.
  • There is nothing artificial on this blog. What you see on the blog is who I am in real life.

Any questions, comment or marriage proposals? Feel free to contact me at taniagailblog (at) gmail (dot) com.  

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While pondering how I should go about creating an ‘About Page’, for this blog I consulted a social media guru and good friend, Jimmie Bise. I asked him what he thought of my blog and my web presence and this is his reply:

Tania has an eye for the simple, beautiful, and exciting. She takes photographs of them, writes essays about them, and gets energized about them. She shares her beauty and enthusiasm in ways that will make your day better and challenge you to do more with your life than you ever thought possible.  Jimmiebjr

Yep, he is made of awesome. Tell him so @Jimmiebjr

I hope your visit to this blog finds useful information and a bit of inspiration.  If so, you have made my week! Seriously.

Photo Credit: Richard C.