Amazon Fire Phone Unveiled


Jeff Bezos revealed Amazon’s newest baby – Amazon Fire Phone.

Notable specs include: 13MP f/2.0 with optical stabilization back facing camera, unlimited cloud photo storage, dynamic perspective, and Firefly technology. For a limited time Amazon is bundling a one year Amazon Prime membership with your purchase of this phone. If you are already a member, Amazon will extend your membership for a full year.

Firefly Technology:

A 32GB phone priced at US$199.00 and the 64GB phone is $100 more at US$299.00.

All I have to say about this is I’m an AT&T customer with an expired iPhone contract and grandfathered unlimited data. I’m curious to see what Apple has concocted with its rumored iPhone6 update before I renew my contract.  Will this tech be enough for a typical iPhone user to make the switch? This will not be an easy decision, there are a number of photo and video apps I use that do not have Android edition.  I will share with you my decision and review of the phone of choice.

An additional note, I own the Kindle Fire and use it often, so I know the hardware and software will work well together on this phone.


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