Argghhh…Technical Problems


Been a bit quiet on the blog lately. Thanks to a very hectic schedule which included painting the interior of Chez Tania. This project required me to camp out in my den for several days while the paint dried. On top of that, my PC decided to go haywire. The hard drive is an unstable mess, and I’ve yet to lose an email. I cannot open PS or LR5 without an immediate blue screen of death. Other programs tend to freeze up and I have to restart the computer to get them going again – till the next freeze. This is intolerable. I’ve ordered a new desktop from Dell and it should arrive tomorrow – fingers crossed.

In other news, marathon training is going extremely well. I’m in week six and looking forward to a 16 mile run tomorrow. Yes, I said I’m looking forward to this run. This is a testament to how well my training is coming along. Much gratitute to my Training Peak marathon training program and my running buddies of The Grind for support while training for the 2014 Berlin Marathon.

Aerial photography will be in my future with the DJI Phantom and ZenMuse 3D-HD gimbal:

While writing this post, the computer has already crashed and needed a restart. So, I must close this post quickly and ask for your patience while I switch to the new tower over the weekend.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    Hope things go well. I’d sure hate to have to switch to the Daily Kuss for my blog fix.

    How’s your Mom doing? I mention you and her in my Prayers.

    • Tania


      Thanks for keeping Mom in your prayers! I finally organized and moved all my programs onto the new PC and what a big difference in performance! Daily Kuss? Ugh..never visit that site, don’t want to corrupt my PC 🙂

  • All the best with the switchover to the new computer. Ordered a new Dell desktop last month, they’re great & customer service is the best. Is yours Windows 8.1?

    • Tania

      The new Dell PC arrived on Saturday and I spent the rest of the weekend going through all my programs and organizing what I wanted on this new PC. I still have no idea why I had three video editing programs on my previous desktop. Now, I’m more streamlined with only one. It is a Windows 8.1 box and I’m still finding my away around the splash screen – it seems pretty useless to me at the moment. So far, I bypass it and go right to the desktop to launch my browser and various programs.