Be Bossy! Be Whatever You Like


I’ve been busy with running lately and had wanted to weigh in on this issue sooner. Oh well, better late than never.  Here are my thoughts on the #BanBossy kerfluffle:

In recent news, there has been a push to ban the word ‘bossy’ in relation to female empowerment. Although, ‘bossy’ is an equal opportunity word, there is an effort to link the word to strong, confident women.

Pardon my bluntness – the idea to ban the word ‘bossy’ or any word or action for that matter in the name of female empowerment is complete bullhockey.  Anyone calling for a banning of select words supports the most insidious form of oppression for both women and men on this planet. 

It is okay to be bossy, it is okay to be smart, it is okay to be a leader. It is NOT okay for anyone to limit your potential greatness by telling you what to say or how to think. Anyone advocating #BanBossy have their interests in mind, not yours. Don’t let the haters win. Be bossy, speak up! Stand up for your beliefs! Don’t allow anyone to dictate your thoughts and actions. That is your job and you are the best person to make those decisions.

On the heels of Sheryl Sandberg’s #BanBossy campaign, a women’s media platform SheKnows, released a counter video called #BossyIs. The purpose of this video is for young girls to discuss the meaning of Bossy and promote self-esteem through writing, creative activities and athletics.  

We should continue to focus on mentoring leadership, creative processes and healthy living habits among young girls and women instead of being distracted by a catchy hashtag meme.

What are your thoughts on the #BanBossy meme? How would you best promote leadership, creative vision and athletics in our youth today?


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  • Tania

    Seriously. What lead you to believe I was a lib womyn? 🙂

  • Trevor Hilton

    Hey WOMAN! Who asked for your two-cents worth! We don’t need none of your female back talk! Now get back in the kitchen and finish my dinner! 😀