Get Your Flu Shot Today

Be Flu Free – Get a Flu Shot Today


Fall is nearly upon us; bringing crisp, low humidity days and long afternoons spent picking apples in an orchard. It is also time to protect our health for the upcoming influenza season by getting a flu shot.

CDC recommends getting the flu shot as soon as it becomes available and if possible by October. It can be given a later date, as long as the flu virus is circulating, but early vaccination is good. Remember, it takes about two weeks for antibodies to develop providing protection against the flu.

In the time it takes to order a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte you can get a flu shot. You don’t need to have a primary care physician; the flu shot is available in pharmacies, urgent care health clinics, school health centers or often at your place of work. HeathMap Vaccine Finder is a useful tool to find a place to get your flu shot.

I would like my readers to enjoy a happy and healthy fall and winter. Getting your flu shot today will make me a happy blogger.



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  • Michael Smart

    I came down with the worst flu I ever had about a day or two after I got vaccinated that year. That means i was probably infected a day or so prior to being vaccinated. IIRC I had been delayed getting my shot that year through no fault of my own – I normally get mine as soon as they are available.

    • Tania

      It takes about two weeks for your immune system to get fully up to speed after being vaccinated. You can actually get sick during this time, but it is unlikely that it was triggered by the vaccine.

  • I got my flu shot last Thursday!

    • Tania_Gail


      • Except I didn’t look as good as you after getting my flu shot. 😉

        • Tania

          Yay! Thank you for protecting yourself and your loved ones from the flu virus.