Berlin Marathon Update


Tomorrow officially begins my 16 week training plan for the 2014 Berlin Marathon. Tomorrow. Oh My God.

In all seriousness, I am ready for this training.  After considerable review,  I selected Training Peaks sub 4:30 marathon plan to get me to the finish line in Berlin.  This is not my first marathon to complete but I don’t want to repeat the same rookie mistakes I made in 2012 during the Philadelphia Marathon.  Particularly, the infamous ‘Wall’ runners can experience during a long distance run. I experienced it and will work to never feel like that again – in my lifetime.

Berlin is shaping up in my mind as a ‘big girl’ event. I’m running a marathon in another country, away from family, friends and the comfortable familiarity of my home turf.  What will get me to the finish line is the training I put in tomorrow and up until I leave for Berlin.  Thankfully, I have surrounded myself with inspiring runners who I can lean on for support in the upcoming weeks.  One group in particular – Goals Fit 2014 Marathon Team – is a great source of inspiration to me.  Kasey Manwaring, founder of Goals Fitness, recruited a group  to take up the challenge of training and running the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon.  It is truly remarkable to watch their confidence grow as they meet running milestones on the way to the marathon. I believe it is good to remember what it was like at the beginning my running journey and reflect how running has enhanced every aspect of my life.  I’ll definitely make a note to recall this while completing the long runs in this training plan 🙂 If you have a moment, please check out their bios and leave a message of encouragement.

I intend to share updates on my training – the good, the bad, and the ugly. On the blog, I tend to share the glittering finishes of the various races I’ve completed but not the training required to keep me in race shape. That will be rectified in the coming weeks.  My hope is the information will inspire a reader or two to give running a try. If I can do it, you certainly can.  No matter what the distance, running will change your life for the better.


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  • Tania


    Thanks! I am so looking forward to this event and many beers afterwards. 🙂

  • Anthony J Oleck

    Good luck Tania….one of the ladies from my cycle club…Christiana….
    is from East Berlin