Bringing Sunshine into Dull January Days

Meyer Lemon

It’s cold, dark and January. It’s also Meyer Lemon season and this year I followed up on a recipe found on the blog Food In Jars. For months, I wanted to try my hand at making Meyer Lemon Curd. I’ve linked the recipe for those adventurous enough to try it out. Native of China, Meyer lemons are sweeter than ordinary lemons and have a thinner skin. Preserving these lemons is a treat you can enjoy for the rest of the year.


It is a time-consuming task to make lemon curd; taking close to three hours for one jar of lemon curd which is pictured below. I have glorious plans to make a Meyer lemon curd pie in the very near future. Yum!


I picked up Meyer lemons at a local Whole Foods market. Food in Jars recommends Lemon Ladies Orchard for organic Meyer Lemons. I found them on Facebook (Lemon Ladies Orchard) and as of Tuesday, January 27 their website Lemon Ladies is not working. I’m hoping it will be resolved soon.

Speaking of lemon flavor, I found adding the dried herb, Lemon Verbena, to vegetables especially peas, beans and corn brightens their flavor.


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