CBS3 Philly Weather Watcher University

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What fun I had at CBS3 Weather Watcher University event last week.

This past November, I signed up to become a CBS3 Philly Weather Watcher and have filing reports along with photos related to weather in my local area. It is cool to see your information along with your name and photo during weather broadcasts from CBS3. Even cooler when friends and coworkers mention they saw you on the weather report.


Last Thursday, myself along with dozens of other area weather watchers visited the CBS3 Philly studio for Weather Watchers University. We met on-air weather personalities and learned about specific weather conditions. Lance Frank from the National Weather Service presented on atmospheric conditions favorable for developing a severe weather event such as thunder storms, strong winds, tornados, hail, and winter weather events. Along with the weather information, we learned what to report and how to file a report with National Weather Service as a Skywarn spotter. Lance shared a lot of information that I’m still parsing through nearly a week later. I’m in the learning curve for weather reporting and appreciate every learning opportunity that becomes available to me. The weather data I’m submitting is publicly broadcast with my name attached to it. I’d like to say that people can trust the data I’m submitting because I’m constantly seeking evidence-based weather knowledge and use tools, such as a weather station, to make sure my data is more accurate.

After the lecture, we toured the studio with CBS3 Philly weather reporters learning how they pull data together for their weather reports and checking out the technology that makes the broadcast happen. I was delighted to hear of their emphasis on accuracy regarding weather data collection. I was in a studio surrounded by video and still photography gear along with the weather stations. I was happily in geek heaven. Actually, I did say that several times that night.

studio tour

We also had the opportunity to explore the smart screen where our weather reports are displayed during the broadcast. Yes, this is a screen capture from a video. No, the video is not being made public, you really do not want to see me dancing in front of the smart screen.

Smart Screen Weather report

Here I’m posing with Kathy Orr in front of the Storm Scan monitors.


Jim Donovan was kind enough to pose for photos with Weather Watchers.


KYW News Radio…1060. I can’t get that advertising jingle out of my head. If you grew up in Philly, you know what I’m talking about.


Did someone leave their Emmy at work?


Philco Television Station. Way before my time but it was fun to see the advertisements restored and displayed in the studio.


There is always time for #CBS3Selfie.


What an incredible view of the city skyline from CBS3Philly.


I’d like to thank CBS3 Philly for organizing a fun and informative Weather Watchers University event. It was great pleasure to meet the on-air weather reporters who were happy to share their knowledge and workspace with a group of weather watchers and guests. They are top professionals in their field and I’m happy to have an opportunity to learn from them. THANK YOU, CBS3 PHILLY!


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  • Trevor Hilton

    Oklahoma weather in the early spring gets REALLY exciting! You should come report there

    • Tania

      I’d like to chase a tornado or two. Just not the other way around 🙂

  • Neocon

    I remember Howdy Doody. Did you actually get to see him?

    • Tania

      Nope. He retired, I suppose.