Change Up at CBS3 Philly *UPDATE*



I was saddened to read today of three outstanding on-air personalities at CBS3 Philly have been released from their contract. Beasley Reece, Chris May and Kathy Orr are no longer with the station.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Orr at a CBS3 Philly Weather Watcher event in January. She impressed me with her professionalism and solid working knowledge. Chris May and I tweeted back and forth on occasion, I found his work at CBS3 to be stellar. Beasley Reece is a highly regarded sports personality and his contribution to the station will be missed.

I will miss them all and wish them well on their future assignments.

UPDATE: Carol Erickson has announced her departure from CBS3 Philly.

As for the Weather Watcher program, it seems there is an expectation that this awesome program (that I am a member of) will continue.


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  • Ina Warren

    Who was the idiot who fired the best news and weather team in the state? You belong in a straight jacket.