Christmas Eve 2014



Inspired by events that occurred 100 years ago, Sainsbury in partnership with the Royal British Legion released a Christmas advertisement recalling the near miraculous event on Christmas Day 1914 where British and German troops put down their hate and weapons, courageously meeting each other in no-mans land.


The chocolate bar featured in this video is currently on sale in Sainsbury and profits will be donated to the Royal British Legion. If this video does not leave you teary eyed, there is something not right with your worldview.

The video comes as timely reminder, as America trapped in a snare rhetoric and violence fueled by well organized race baiters, that we can put down the hate and find peace. This divisive, manufactured hate has already cost the lives of two NYPD officers. How many other lives will be lost needlessly? 100 years ago mortal enemies found the courage to put down their weapons and find common understanding with each other. We can do the same. It’s not to late to step back, drop the hate and find common ground in order to move forward.

I wish my readers a very merry and bright Christmas! May Santa be generous and may you celebrate the reason for this season.


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  • neocon

    In 2006 there was a movie based on this event. It was called “Joyeux Noël”

  • Trevor Hilton

    A Very Blessed Christmas to you Tania