Confusing Canon dSLR Rumors


Confusing bits coming out lately regarding new Canon dSLRs. A trio of 5D cameras that may or may not have 4K video and two of them with high mega-pixel counts. Why three at one time? Not sure about the marketing strategy there, Canon.

It looks like one of them, the Canon 5Ds, will be a 50.6 megapixel full-frame dSLR. An official announcement is expected from Canon shortly regarding the 5Ds. Of the remaining two, one is rumored to have  53 megapixel sensor and the other is considered to be an upgrade to the Mark III, perhaps a 5DM4 dSLR.

Confused? I am.

All I want is a 5D Mark VI with a brand new sensor and 4k video capability. Am I asking too much from Canon? As with any rumor, it is best to adopt a wait and see approach. This way you can better manage the disappointment when the cameras are announced and released.



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