Day One: Bernie Rally Meets Mississippi Flag

A Bernie rally turned briefly into a tense stand-off about the display of the state flag of Mississippi. Numerous participants were triggered at the sight of the Mississippi flag as they marched on Broad Street towards the Navy Yard. The flag was a part of an “Avenue of the States” installment on South Broad Street.

Police and security officials on site had a brief but tense discussion about the removal of the flag.

Tense standoff with security over Mississippi state flag

Participants quickly formed a sit-in on Broad Street to protest the flag and began chanting ‘Take it down and black lives matter’.




At one point, a rope cobbled together with what is believed to be laces and attached to a shoe was used in an unsuccessful attempt by protestors to remove the flag themselves.


The situation resolved peacefully when city maintenance arrived with a cherry picker to remove the flag from this display much to the protestors delight. Within minutes of the flag removal, the march towards the convention resumed.



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  • Creepy Little Book

    These people serious got triggered by a state flag and let it derail and sidetrack their entire protest until it was removed!? The city actually spent our tax dollars paying city workers to go and use a cherry picker to take the flag down!? That seems so counter-productive to the aim of a demonstration.This is a pretty wild aspect of the protest you don’t hear from the MSM I’m glad I stumbled across your blog.

    • I had the same reaction when I watched the video that Tania took, CLB! This is Cultural Marxism in action!

    • TaniaGail

      Not sure about national media, but local media picked up on the story.