#DitchTheDSLR Daytrip To NYC

New York City

As part of their #DitchTheDSLR campaign, Samsung is giving away its new mirrorless camera NX30 to those willing to ditch their dSLR. On June 4th in Times Square, NYC Samsung will host the exchange from Noon to 6pm. The first 200 customers that ditch their dSLR will receive in exchange a Samsung Mirrorless NX30.


I’ve already made plans to be in NYC that day. I’ve a Canon 40D I am willing to ditch for a mirrorless camera.

H/T: Petapixel


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  • Anthony J Oleck

    check out Olympus…they have some nice stuff….highly rated

    • Tania

      Well this was a free exchange, which sold out before I arrived in NYC…still fuming over that!

      Olympus was my first real SLR camera would have it today if it did not meet an accidental end in a swimming pool.

  • neocon

    Ditching a Canon dSLR always makes sense. Afterall, it is not a Nikon!

  • Tania

    Would have been fun, Trevor! This opportunity just popped up, so I’ll take a day off and see what happens. At best I get a new camera and a day in NYC to kick around and photograph stuff, at worst I spend the day in NYC.

  • Trevor Hilton

    Too bad you weren’t there when we were.