DJI Introduces Inspire 1


Jaw dropping technology released by DJI.

Inspire 1 – The newest addition to the Phantom quadcopter line is packed full of features. The quadcopter comes with full 4K video up to 30fps and a ZenMuse 3X stabilizer allowing for a 360 degree view. The quadcopter uses LightBridge, a full HD FPV (First Person View) to monitor flights. I can tell you from my experience with the DJI Phantom 2, an FPV is a must have item. This beast can reach speeds of 50 mph and reach a height of 4500 meters. A full featured app is available to control camera and flight system.

Essentially, it has everything an aerial photographer would need to get mind blowing images and video.

Inspire 1 can be yours for US$ 3300. It’s not as expensive as I imagined it would be considering all the advanced technology packaged with the quadcopter. Preorders are open now and DJI anticipates shipping by December 1st.



Hooboy, the FAA is going to regulate this to no end. Of course, I would jump on this craft in a hot minute. However, I’m going to wait and see what the FAA rules look like before deciding to invest in this beautiful craft. To the rest of the world, you have my jealousy.


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  • Just shot my first videos with the Q500 typhoon. They are on my facebook store page, Main Line Hobbies.
    The new Phantom 3 advanced and pro are in today.

    • Tania

      Les, I’m also looking very closely at 3D Robotics Solo.

      • I’m in contact with them. Told them I want to handle it in the store. They said not ready yet for production. Will let me know when it’s available.

  • I like the photos and videos. I’m hoping to get some flying time in with my quadcopters. Now that the weather is breaking I might get outside. Currently I only get to fly behind the Mall from repairing quadcopters. My store is Main Line Hobbies in the Plymouth Meeting Mall. I sell and service the DJI Phantom 2’s and Inspire. You might like the new Q500 Typhoon, it will follow you when you are jogging.