DJI Phantom Flight – Lessons Learned


DJI Phantom Setup
Fly beyond your skill level and crashes happen.

First and hopefully last crash of my DJI Phantom 2. Fortunately the craft was recovered along with the GoProHero3 Black with no damage. Whew!

After reviewing the footage of the flight and the crash, there were several errors revealed that lead to the crash of the phantom. Most of the errors were driven by user inexperience. Also, having a First Person Viewer (FPV) is a crucial to enhance the safe control of this craft. The following were my first impressions of what when wrong on this flight as I reviewed the footage of the flight:

Slowly build upon your flight skills, reaching beyond them too quickly can lead to a crash.
The use of a FPV is an invaluable tool to safely navigate your craft.
The effect of wind tunnels in radio controlled powered flight should not be dismissed.

The lessons learned from this incident shall be applied to future flights. Also, by sharing my issues I hope to help other new DJI Phantom owners facing similar problems.



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  • Trevor Hilton

    Glad it wasn’t destroyed.
    A friend once let me fly his remote control airplane. I nose-dived it right into the ground. So you did a lot better than I did

    • Tania

      It is quite the challenge to fly the quadcopter without FPV. The new Ispire 1 looks fabulous but I’m waiting to see what direction the FAA will take regarding quads.