Farewell Windows 8.1 – Hello OS X Yosemite


In a earlier post a few months back, I mentioned tech issues that plagued my workflow and crashed the hard drive in my desktop computer. A replacement tower was ordered that came packaged with Windows 8.1 operating system. From day one with the new tower my workflow did not improve. During marathon training, I decided to forge ahead hoping this was simply bumps that come along with a new operating system that would smooth out with use. However, the bumps never resolved and my workflow with this operating system continued to suffer. Two weeks ago, I came to a tipping point. While trying to render video footage from a GoPro Hero 3+ Black, I was faced with the possibility of resetting my desktop computer to factory default settings. This stemmed from troubleshooting GoPro Video Studio which directed the user to go into safe mode in order to diagnose the problem with the software. Three hours later, I found an online help forum thread that described the ridiculously difficult way required to get out of Windows 8.1 safe mode. After I restored the desktop, I. Was. Done.

Don’t even get me started with Skype and Win 8.1 splash screen. Also, no Start button?

Two weeks later, after consulting my Mac gurus, I invested in a Mac Mini which I’m using it to create this blog post. At this moment, I am a complete newbie to the Mac OS ecosystem as I’ve been a Windows user for ever. I did get an Apple one to one membership and plan to use it to get the most out of this investment. Of course, any of my readers who run Mac OS, feel free to leave a tip or two in the comment section.

I thank you for your patience as I work through this transition. I’ve about 10 posts in draft that I hope to publish as soon as possible. Crazy fun things. Also, a marathon recap! In the meantime, I’ve posted photos from Vancouver and Berlin in my Smugmug Portfolio – taniagail.smugmug.com


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  • Tania


    In just three days, I’ve been able to go through a bunch of blogging and photography stuff that had been delayed because I had no appetite to deal with Win 8.1. So far, switching to Mac OS has been great!

    Mom is doing okay, which is all I ask for at this time. Thanks for asking.

    I had a great time exploring Berlin and running in the marathon. It was an experience I will not forget. Post coming shortly.

  • welcome to the Darkside.

  • Trevor Hilton

    Good thing you’re back on the job. I was fixin’ to start reading Media Mess for America instead of you.
    How was Berlin? How is your Mom?