#Friday Fiction 100 Word Challenge: Closure


Nick stormed into the kitchen throwing papers on the table where Emma sat sipping tea.

“These are forged documents.” Nick stated

Emma grimaced “Without a provenance, you would not have granted me an interview. There is no provenance, Nicholas, the portrait of the King was a personal gift.”

“I should report you to authorities.” Nick threatened

“Why haven’t you?” Emma asked.

Nick paused before replying “your handwriting matches the script on Lady Isobel’s portrait and that’s not possible.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Emma replied.

“What do you gain from this deception? Nick asked. “Why involve me?”

Emma sighed.

“I need closure.”


Emma and Nick have come out to play this week. The photo above was taken at a civil war re-enactment camp. The participants don’t take re-enactment lightly and do diligent research into the real-life person they are portraying and for a weekend they inhabit a person who lived over a century ago.

UPDATE: A commentator reminded me that I have a video of the woman pictured above. Let me introduce Ellen Radshaw House and this is her story:

Interview with Ellen Radshaw House

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  • rochester_veteran

    The woman (with child) in the photo was not a widow, yet, as she’s not dressed in the requisite black that was the required tradition back in Civil War days. I recently read a heart wrenching letter, from a husband to his wife, before the First Battle of Bull Run, in which he was killed. Those were very hard times!

    Sullivan Ballou Letter

    • Tania

      Her name is Helen Radshaw House and this is her story:

      • rochester_veteran

        Such a tragic story, Helen losing her brother to bushwhackers three days before her wedding! So many sad and tragic times back then! More on the background of those who were bushwhackers and the jayhawks as well:

        Bushwhackers and Jayhawks