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#Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge: “Five Minutes”


“Daddy, teach me to dance.” Danielle giggled stepping on her daddy’s feet, winding her arms around his. She looked up at him smiling “just five minutes daddy, please!”

“Dad, it’s my senior prom, Pete’s arriving in five minutes!” Andrew took his daughter in his arms “Now remember arms length between you two and don’t step on his toes.” Danielle huffed “you’re embarrassing me.”

Andrew smiled at the bride and groom as the wedding organizer buzzed in his ear “Mr. Hyatt, father-daughter dance in five minutes.”

“Just five minutes daddy, please!” Danielle whispered desperately.

As beeping monitors slowed to silence.


Friday 100 Word Fiction challenge inspired by Darleen at Protein Wisdom Jimorama, Gator and Smitty

Thoughts?  I might make this a recurrent post. I enjoyed creating a story from this image.  Of course in future fiction challenges, I will use photos created by me for this writing exercise.



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  • Very nice, Tania! Would you mind if I use your image if I don’t like Darleen’s challenge image?
    You should also think about taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. I am thinking about doing a super-hero team novel, but I haven’t settled yet.
    And you are also more than welcome to come on my podcast too, just email me for details.

    • Tania

      The image used with this post was taken from Darleen’s site. I prefer to use my own photography on my blog, but did not have time to shoot this image myself. In the future, I will make sure I have a photo ready to go.

      Not sure what NaNoWriMo is about. I am sketching outlines for two stories. I hope to have them finished by the end of the year.

      Thanks for the kind invite to guest on your podcast. I’ll email you when I’m ready to go back to podcasting.

      • I understand all that. I was asking if I could use your challenge image if I am more inspired by it.

        NaNoWriMo is pretty cool. Here, let me Bing that for you. 😉

  • rochester_veteran

    Wiping the tears from my eyes, Tania. Touching and true. Been through the first three stages with my daughter, not looking forward to the fourth…

    • Tania

      Awww…this is what the muse wanted to write. Glad you liked it 🙂

      • rochester_veteran

        You made me cry, Tania! 🙂 Not sad tears though, it’s because I have a wonderful daughter. She’s become the rock of our family through some rough times.