#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: Blessed Litha


Alex cursed as he waved smoke from his failed spell.

Lucy wrapped her arms around his waist, “This experiment will work.”

Alex exhaled in frustration, “It’s a spell, not an experiment.”

Grinning, Lucy suggested, “try the measuring scales I borrowed from the lab.”

Alex whispered ancient words, pinched herbs into a goblet. The air crackled and flashed around them. Blinking from the light, they found themselves quite naked.

“Success!” Lucy cheered, hugging Alex; “I’ve variations of this experiment I’d like to explore.”

They spent Midsummer Solstice blending her science and his spells.

Neither casting a spell to restore their clothing.


Midsummer Solstice, known in wiccan circles as Litha arrives this weekend. Midsummer marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. Legend states the veil between our world and that of Fairies thins on this day. Surely, Puck will be up to his mischievous antics. Of course, it makes a perfect backdrop for a 100 word Fiction Challenge with my two favorite characters. Let me know your thoughts on this story in the comment section. The photo used as inspiration for this story was taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show which featured displays inspired by the Harry Potter novels.

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  • Thanks for the kind words, Tania. I don’t get much feedback on anything I do (good or bad), so any is much appreciated by me.

    I am enjoying your continuing story too. Can’t wait for next week!

    • Tania

      I like your work BigGator and will continue to link it here on my blog.

  • rochester_veteran

    Naked spell casting, never thought of that before, but now I am! Are you being a bad influence, Tania? 😉