#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: Karma Hates Me


Rain tapped lightly on the window as Lucy edited photos from a 4th of July fireworks show. Her new camera performed better than she expected, feeling right at home in her hands that evening.

She uploaded the photos to her blog with a post detailing her adventures finding this camera and the alleged curse attached to it.

Afterwards, reading her favorite gossip blog, Lucy clicked the post ‘Top 10 Eligible Hotties” and found the man she antagonized at Curious Goods staring back at her.

His name is Alex and he’s #1 on their list.

Lucy sighed ruefully.

Karma hates me.


The photo was taken at Longwood Gardens. I think. Or maybe in my backyard garden. I’m really not sure and the camera generated title of the photo is not helpful. I need to work on more descriptive titles for my photos.

The week has been one rain shower after another and it worked its way into this week’s edition of #FictionFriday. Although the names and settings are different there is a pinch of my life in this week’s edition. I am often amazed at how small our world can be. Dear readers, be nice to others as you never know the strands that connect one to another. Karma does. And Karma enjoys pulling those strings every once in a while to remind you who is in charge.

Thoughts? Questions about Lucy and Alex? Leave a comment below.

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  • Hey! 😉

    • Tania

      Are you back to blogging? 🙂

  • But we know that they get together.

    • Tania

      Eventually. The course of true love never did run smooth.

  • rochester_veteran

    So, a cursed camera was responsible for the 4th of July fireworks photos? So what’s the curse attached to it?

    • Tania

      Nope. Fireworks happen independent of curses and such. The camera..well that is another matter entirely.