#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: Puddle Jumper

Two figures walked closely together under one umbrella on a rainy Sunday morning. Lucy was careful to jump over puddles as they made their way to the coffee shop.

‘Afraid of a splash?’ Alex asked.

‘No. Don’t want to step in one and find myself in China.’ Lucy replied, smiling to herself. ‘Mom used that threat once when I was small to get me to stop splashing in every puddle and it stuck. Apparently.’

Alex looked over at Lucy with a teasing smile. ‘China, huh?’

‘Yep’ Lucy replied.

‘You are an odd duck, Lucy Green’ Alex observed, hugging her close.


Alex and Lucy are back! I missed these two goofballs and look forward to crafting their story – 100 words at a time. The photo was taken by me during a run on Kelly Drive on dreary Saturday last Spring. I wasn’t complaining about the weather as it was a vast improvement over weeks of snow and ice. But the atmosphere on the trail was dripping with drama (pardon the pun) which I captured quite well with an iPhone 5s, IMHO.

On a personal note, the next few months are going to be challenging for me. The difficulties that have presented themselves over the past month have illuminated how writing, photography and running are not simply fun hobbies but play an important role of keeping me sane during this time. Making time for these activities focuses my thoughts and allows me to have a better handle on Mom’s situation. The more focused and relaxed I am, the better decisions I make on Mom’s behalf. And I intend to what is right for Mom.



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  • rochester_veteran

    ‘No. Don’t want to step in one and find myself in China.’

    Ha! I was warned about digging my way to China when I was little and being the impressionable one, I believed it! 🙂

    • Tania

      Mom has a turn of words that would make anyone a believer. She had me fooled for a while with that one. Also, she stealthily fed me tuna as a child by convincing me chickens could live in the sea.

      I’m not fooled by that one anymore.

      • rochester_veteran

        Ha, chickens of the sea! I take it, this is what led to your moratorium on seafood? 🙂

        I was raised in a Catholic household and back in the day, we couldn’t eat meat on all Fridays, not just the Fridays during Lent as it is now. My Dad would make tuna fish casserole seemingly on every Friday and I won’t eat it to this day! Bacon wrapped scallops on the other hand…