#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: Ten Years



Lucy crossed through the doorway, musing “Has it been ten years?”

Slipping off her heels, tossing briefcase and keys on the mantle, she smiled as children’s laughter floated around her.

This wasn’t to be her fate. She lived in a world of science and evidence; magic and happily ever after didn’t exist.

Then one day she met a wily warlock named Alex.

Lucy did not believe in magic; but Alex believed in her.

With her, his tempestuous soul soothed; with him, her soul could sing.

Was it magic or science between them? Their debate is of legend.

Their love? Incandescent.


After last week’s walk on the dark side, I felt the need to lighten the mood with this short story and introduce Alex and Lucy. These two characters have bounced around my imagination for a while, so I’ve decided to introduce them to the real world. My plan is to tell their story 100 words at a time through this fabulous #FictionFriday challenge. My images and themes will differ from the following FictionFriday group, which I don’t believe they will mind. They are awesome like that. Stay tuned as my story unfolds, dear readers.

My fellow FridayFiction Challengers submitted stunning stories of their own this week. Darleen at Protein Wisdom burns up the blog with her entry. The Other McCain catches Darleen’s fire with his Fiction Challenge. It is not too hard to see why Gator chose Darleen’s image for his Friday Fiction challenge. As always, Jimmie Bise amps up the chill factor with his story.

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  • rochester_veteran

    A marriage of science and magic. I guess it may not be impossible. Opposites do attract, sometimes incandescently. 😉