#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: The Backpack


 Savannah spent a good part of an hour compressing camping gear into her Osprey backpack. She was looking forward to summiting Mt Katahdin this weekend.
Evan shuffled past Savannah beating dust off an aged backpack.
“Where did you get that pack?” asked Savannah.
“Storage.” Evan replied.
“For how long? It’s positively ancient.” Savannah observed.
Evan looked away “ My best friend Marcello and I planned this hike 14 years ago. It never happened.”
“Why?” Savannah asked.
“Marcello was in the North Tower when terrorists attacked.” Evan quietly replied.
Savannah touched the backpack before responding “Then it’s time you climbed Big K.”


Never, ever forget 9/11. The best way we can honor the memory of the innocent victims is to embrace our lives, taking care to count our blessings.



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  • rochester_veteran

    Touching and sad story, but with room for hope in the end, Evan hiking off into the sunset with Savannah

    We lost 6 alumni of the UR family on 9/11. Most notable was Jeremy Glick, one of the heroes of Flight 93, who helped overpower the hijackers and crash the plane before it got to Washington DC.

    I still have my backpack, the type with the aluminum frame. I got it after I got out of the service. I packed a lot in that thing, clothes, poncho, food, camp stove and fuel, and the lower part had an open frame that I bungied my sleeping bag and pup tent to. It’s old and dusty now, kinda like me. 🙂

  • Simple and touching.