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#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge – The Balance is Restored


He stepped into the glaring sunlight from the rank darkness of a forgotten alleyway. Alex scrubbed the sweat and grime off his face, slicked back his hair and shoved a Yankees baseball hat low on his forehead. He strode casually along the avenue till he reached Curious Goods, Inc.

Inside he found his grandfather reading a magazine. “It’s done.” Alex stated bluntly, “The problem is neutralized and the balance restored”

“Why the smile?” Alex inquired.

“You are the #1 eligible hottie in all of Haven Falls according to Urbane Magazine. ”

Alex sighed, stalked to his office muttering ‘Karma hates me’.


I find these ‘Top Hottie’ lists very objectifying for both men and women. I can make up my own mind on who is hot or not, thank you very much! So it seems there is a bit of otherworldliness about Alex. This past weekend I took in a fabulous show at Longwood Gardens called Nightscape. The photo attached to the post was taken at the exhibit. The lush gardens become the canvas for a very skilful light and music show. It seems practically out of this world and well worth the visit if you live near this garden. Of course there was a smidgen of inspiration for this installment in the Alex/Lucy series to be found at this event.

I will be creating a future post about the exhibit which will include the photos and video taken during my visit. It still takes my breath away when I view the photos.

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  • rochester_veteran

    So Alex is a Yankees fan. Though from NYS, I’ve never been a Yankees fan. I was an Orioles fan for years as the Rochester Red Wings were their top farm club. Got to watch many Orioles greats when they were still minor leaguers. Cal Ripken is my favorite all-time baseball player. I remember him and his little brother, Billy, hanging out on the ball field when they were kids, when their dad was manager of the Red Wings.