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#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: The Christmas Tree

Christmas Noir

Lucy crossed the busy intersection pushing against a flow of harried pedestrians. It’s the height of the christmas rush and people are grumpy. Rightly so, the season has a way of exploding on people.

In her arms a carefully wrapped vintage christmas tree. While she adored sparkling christmas trees, her apartment fit one small tree, barely.

It would be enough to display her growing collection of handmade winter solstice ornaments. She liked the earthy designs favoring them over mass-produced glitter balls. There was a legend to them? Lucy dismissed the stories as unsubstantiated folklore while she arranged her ornaments.


Lucy won’t admit there is any shred of truth the legend of the Solstice. Can’t quantify it, therefore it does not exist. This is going to be an interesting journey for her.

The photo this week was taken at the annual Longwood Garden holiday light extravaganza. I enjoy how the designers incorporate natural elements into the decorations for the trees. The entire show is so worth seeing if you live close to the Garden. I will share more photos of my visit to the Garden in a future post.

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