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#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: The Other World


A soft uprising breeze tangled through the slightly greying hair of a man standing on a porch overlooking a vineyard that tumbled down a hill into a verdant valley. He breathed the sweet air one last time, straightened his tie, slipped into his jacket and picked up his briefcase.

‘Till next time.’

Twenty minutes later squeezing out of a packed elevator into an office suite where he works at a beige cubicle; one of dozens. He smiles recalling how a step into a puddle opened a new realm to him – one where his talents, his passions can grow and thrive.


Crazy busy week! Sorry for the delay, as promised here is my humble FridayFiction edition.

I’m continuing to explore the other world where Alex labored successfully to restore the balance. I want to explore the idea of a world that is bigger than one that can be measured and charted. Constraining it to 100 words making this challenging to write something coherent. The idea of slipping into this other world through a puddle comes straight from a childhood memory. One day while splashing through puddle after puddle during a walk with mom, she told me to stop because I may fall in one of the puddles and wind up on the other side of the world. Scared the heck out of me and I stopped splashing in puddles. Well, at least for this particular walk. Still splash through puddles to this day, unfortunately I’ve yet to fall through one 🙂

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  • rochester_veteran

    When it rains really hard, there’s a big puddle that forms in a depression in the grass and trees in back of my place. Invariably, some of the kids in the complex end up in the puddle, splashing and getting soaked. It’s fun watching them frolic in the water!