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#FridayFiction 100 Word Challenge: The Soul Stealer


Bells clinked against the door as Lucy walked into Curious Goods, Inc. A tiny shop tucked away in a leafy side street you’d pass by in the blink of an eye.

Finally, the camera was in her reach. Months of online research and one disastrous Craigslist encounter lead to this moment.

“This camera is known to steal souls” the wizened clerk observed. “Only if you believe in souls” Lucy replied. “I’m capturing fireworks tonight, not souls”.

She pointed the camera at a blonde haired fellow walking past. He ducked and glared at her.

“No worries, Lucy said, there’s no film.”


Sorry for the delay. It’s the 4th and I’m running around town on an extended weekend. This is the first time Lucy encounters Alex and nearly steals his soul! I love these two characters 🙂


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  • rochester_veteran

    In Peru and in Chiapas, Mexico, there’s cultures that believe that cameras can steal one’s soul.

  • Keep that thing away from me! I need my soul so I can sell out to vote for the Republican Presidential candidate next year!