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Friends of Independence Hall 5K Race Recap

Independence 5K

A beautiful morning for a 5K run and a most scenic route as well. The 5K run benefited the conservation of historic landmarks associated with our nation’s independence. This is the city that got the ball rolling for this great nation way back in the day.

The organizers have a clever theme for this race by asking registrants to choose a side – Patriot or Loyalist. This is a nod to the very real dilemma that faced citizen of colonial Philadelphia. Luckily for us today, the difference is settled by running not broadswords.


In case you are wondering, I chose the Loyalist side this year. Next year, I am a Patriot!


Nice t-shirt to commemorate my run.


Independence Hall or as it was known during the early days of our nation, the Pennsylvania State House. What a stunning building to run past.


Runability Rating: 5

1: Hell no, never, ever, again
2: Unless crucial changes are made, then NO
3: Meh – If you have nothing better to do that day, then go for it.
4: Put this on your list of potential runs for next year.
5: I’ve already signed up for next year.


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