Garden Plotting Update



As promised, below is my working draft of the 2015 garden. I like to sketch it out by hand and will edit in or out ideas as Spring moves closer. This hand-drawn draft sets the garden plan for the year and the finished garden is usually close to what I originally sketched out. This year, I’m hosting a Summer Solstice celebration marking the longest day of the year with a picnic in the garden. Apparently there are lots of herbs associated with ancient summer solstice traditions, hence the rather large area reserved for a herbs. This idea of celebrating the solstice keeps growing on me, especially in the bleak days of February. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all fits together. Of course, I will be serving home-brewed hard cider during the picnic. Not sure if this meets traditional solstice standards, but it meets mine.

What are your thoughts? Have you every celebrated the summer solstice? Let me know in the comment section.




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