Garden WrapUp


The first frost has swept through the Delaware Valley signaling the end of the summer growing season.

So how did my garden fare?

I would describe the season as ‘mezza’ – Not outstanding but not a complete disaster. Though at one point, it really was a disaster when the neighbors tree fell on my vegetable patch. That mess was cleaned up in short order and the garden began anew. A few weeks later, I realized there was much mis-labeling going on at the garden center where I purchased my seedling veggies. Since winter and early spring of this year revolved around marathon training, I failed to start the process of growing veggies from seed. I purchased all the veg as seedling and soon discovered a garden of a different color growing.

It reminded me of the land of misfit toys only with vegetables.

Despite the disaster of the season, I was able to find a good use for the garden vegetables that grew.The veggies were donated to my office ‘Farmer’s Market’ American Heart Association (AHA) yearly fund raiser. We sold our heart healthy, home grown vegetables to raise funds for the American Heart Association (AHA) and it was a great success! We netted a sizable donation to AHA this season with our ‘Farmer Market’ and plan to do the same for next years fund drive.

What’s next?

The beds are turned over and I added new mushroom compost to the soil. I’m anticipating planting garlic and onion this fall to see how they fare overwinter. I’ve yet to successfully grow either garlic or onion when planted out in the spring. So, let’s see what happens when they are planted in the fall.

Next spring I will again set up a container to grow potatoes. I had limited success this year even though I started way too late and the potato bulbs didn’t chit well. Next year will be the year of the potato, onion and garlic in my garden.

How does your garden grow? Let me know in the comment section below.



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