Getting Back To Basics



Whatever stage you are in your photographic journey, a review of the basics is never a waste of time.  Reviews help maintain the quality of your images and reinforces basic photo principles – a win/win no matter how you slice it.  Recently, I’ve come across a few good videos that address the basics of photography in an easy to digest format. This inspired me to create a post focusing on photography basics that I can refer back to when needed and be of  use to my shutterbug readers.

So without further ado, here are the videos with my comments!

The Trinity – ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed:

ISO: The abbreviation for the International Organization of Standardization.
Aperture: Think of it as your camera’s iris, much like your own iris, it is opened and closed by the photographer to control the volume of light that reaches the camera sensor.
Shutter Speed: Like aperture, it controls the amount of light reaching the camera using time instead of a pinhole. This time can range from a fraction of a second till  the user determines the shutter closed (bulb mode). Basically, the longer the shutter is open the more light reaches the sensor; a shorter time will cut the amount of light.

Histogram Tutorial:

This is a solid primer explaining what data a histogram is giving photographers and how this data is used to expose photos properly.

How to clean your Camera – Canon Style:  Some breathe on their lenses before cleaning them, it is not incorrect to do so as it is just a matter of personal preference.

LR5 The Ultimate Guide to Workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop via  I still feel there is so much I am under utilizing in LR5. It is a powerful image editing software that is overwhelming when you start working within the program. I’m always on the lookout for videos or articles on the basics of LR5 and will share them with you as I find them. I have incorporated many tips to improve my work flow. Most discovered from videos such as this one.


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