Glen Foerd Jazz Age on the Delaware

Jazz Age on the Delaware
Jazz Age on the Delaware, hosted at Glen Foerd Mansion was a roaring success. And a much needed balm after a ridiculously busy week.

Glen Foerd, the last glided age mansion on the Delaware was the setting for a spectacular celebration of jazz era music, food, fashion and technology, all while sharing the history of Glen Foerd. To many it is a surprising gem hidden in Northeast Philly. Organizers hope events like this will raise awareness and funds for the ongoing conservancy of this mansion. Thanks to the efforts of a concerned community, this mansion and grounds are open for the public to enjoy.

There is a thriving community of jazz era and swing dance fans who attended this event showing off their impressive dance moves.


Wow! Must learn how to dance like this.

The event supports the ongoing conservation and educational projects hosted at the mansion.

Glen Foerd Mansion

The weather cooperated and many people enjoyed a picnic on the grounds or tried their hand at riverside lawn games.

Croquet, anyone? I had a delightful time playing this game.


Badminton or is this lawn tennis?


Those that enjoy a well made cigar with their picnic found the cigar bar a scenic place to puff away.

Cigar Bar

The VIP tent served up seasonal, time period foods. They were well presented and those that like seafood would have been in heaven. I don’t like seafood or many meats. I can comment on the presentation of the food but not on the taste.

The deconstructed BLT on iceberg lettuce was clever.

deconstructed BLT

I tried the Filet Mignon with a red wine demi-glace and found the new potatoes to be delicious.

Filet Minon with red wine demiglace

A pie contest is always a good idea.


Boozy pies always get my vote.

Boozy Pies

I wore my best hat and pearls. My high heels were quickly replaced with flip flops. A genius move as I did a bit of walking around the grounds. The place is ridiculously scenic!


What a place to spend quality time with a loved one. A gravel path winds along the edge of the estate with fabulous views of the Delaware River.

river trail

No mansion is complete without a boat house. And this one has amazing views and a great area for a photo-op with friends.

Boat House

You can’t have a jazz age festival without the roadsters or bicycles. On display, a 1914 Model T Ford sporting an eye-catching coat of red paint.

Model T Ford

Selfie with a Secouevile Hoyau.
French Roadster

The wheelmen had an impressive display of turn of the century bicycles.


Honestly not sure what type of bicycle this could be. Any suggestions?


For an inaugural event, it seemed to run nearly flawlessly. Kudos to the organizers of this event and I look forward to attending next year.


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  • This looks like a lot of fun, and some great nostalgia. Nothing like good swing music and dancing.

  • rochester_veteran

    BTW, I believe that bicycle you inquired about in your last photo is a version of the hobby horse bike, “Look Ma, no peddles!”. 😉

    • Tania

      Yes! It did not have pedals.

  • rochester_veteran

    Many thanks for chronicling “Jazz Age on the Delaware”, Tania! Glen Foerd is yet another must see destination! Love that view of the boat house!