Hands On Review: Lomo’Instant Camera

Lomo'instant camera

A Kickstarter project I backed a few months ago arrived this past weekend, the Lomo’Instant Camera. An all new design for instant camera fans, this modern design has an advanced lens system, three shooting modes, color gels that give a pop to your images, a tripod mount and cable release thread. In short, this is a hipster version of the classic Polaroid that even your grandma would love.

What came in the box. I chose the White version and you can see a lot of thought went into the packaging of this camera. I love the mint green camera strap and the nifty case for the macro lens. The FujiFilm Instax film pack is the size of a credit card and comes 10 to a pack. Much smaller than the traditional Polaroid 600 film, but fun to snap photos.

What Came With My Lomo'Instant Camera

I’ve taken a few pictures so far and will share the results soon. With most if not all of my creative work shared publicly online, I like that these little instant images are solely mine for the time being. It feels like a little secret I have that I’m waiting for the best moment to share with the world.

Anyone else own instant camera? Like vinyl record players, they are back to almost their former glory. Oh yes, I still appreciate the sound of songs on vinyl records. Vintage is the new modern!


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