Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday filled with friends, family and good food! Despite the climate of division in this country and erosion of confidence in our abilities, I believe the United States is still the greatest beacon of hope in the world. And despite the ugliness of late, I have always been proud to call this country my home.

I found an amazing video of Ray Charles performing America the Beautiful at Game 2 of the 2001 World Series (Watched by more people than World Cup Soccer) and it brings me back to a time when Americans stood united as one nation. His performance at the game still brings goosebumps.

Happy Birthday, America!


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  • I went out running on the 4th and I took some great pics. I hope you enjoyed yours.

  • Tania

    I hope you are enjoying your time there, Trevor! Say hello to the family for me 🙂

  • Trevor Hilton

    I was in Malaysia and Singapore for Independence Day. But I made sure to tell my family there about our day and what it means

  • Hope you had a great Independence Day!

    • Tania

      House painting occupied most of my 4 day holiday. Glad that it is done, the house looks great!