Happy Adoptaversary Buster!


It is that time of year when the leaves burst into radiant yellows and rich reds and the air laced in coolness. It is also the time of year when I recall the fateful vet visit that introduced me to my beloved Buster.

Discarded from a moving vehicle on a busy highway, Buster was rescued by a passing motorist and taken to the nearest vet clinic for treatment. There his wounds healed and the staff cared for him till a new family could be found for him. One October evening I arrived at the vet’s office for a routine checkup of my Pomeranian named Tiny. As I waited to check in, a veterinarian came over to pet Tiny and stated she had the perfect companion dog for Tiny. Uh-huh, I replied, not quite convinced about that statement. After being ushered into the exam room with Tiny, the same veterinarian came back with a bouncing bundle of fur. She introduced me to ‘Mayo’ short for Mayonnaise, the dog she felt would be a good companion for Tiny. Tiny was completely unimpressed and ignored the attention of ‘Mayo’, he then placed his paws on my lap and begged me to play with him. The vet stated he was a Pomeranian. He seemed quite large to be purely Pomeranian. ‘What other breed of dog beside Pom makes up Mayo?’ I asked. The vet replied he’s half American Eskimo (Eskie) half Pomeranian. ‘So, he’s double the fluff’ I observed. I told the vet I had to think on this adoption and would get back to her tomorrow. The look ‘Mayo’ gave me when I walked out the office without him was positively pitiful.

The following afternoon, I was making arrangements to pick up ‘Mayo’ and welcome him to the family. And also, changing his name. Mayo? No way. No dog of mine will be named after a condiment.

Seven happy years have passed since that fateful vet visit. In these past years, Tiny peacefully passed on to the Bridge. Penny has been welcomed to the family and now is Buster’s perfect companion. Nothing would have been the same without him. I am so lucky for the opportunity to share my life with such a remarkable dog. Here’s to many more Adoptaversarys!

Of course, I have roughly a gazillion photos of Buster because he is so freaking cute! Here a few taken this past spring/summer. Most were taken at a local park where he is much admired and loves all the attention. He is also the defender of the picnic blanket. No stray dog dare invade that space when Buster is relaxing on the blanket.




Buster is my #1 running fan! I do all the running, he poses with the shiny medals afterwards.



Happy Adoptaversary Buster!


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  • Fred and Sonja

    Hi Tania , I have heard the story of Buster from you at the park but it is always nice to read it again . He is a awesome dog , not deserving of the name Mayo, sure glad you changed that 🐾💕👣

    Give me a shout sometime , I haven’t seen you for awhile . Sonja and I are still spending many hours at Pennypack , it’s hard to believe on August 6 she turned five .

    I just watched your videos , again 😊 Are you still making new videos ?
    Sure would like to see any that you have done recently , I love the winter video with the snow .

    • Tania

      Hi Fred and Sonja! Thanks for commenting, I’ve missed seeing you at the park this summer and will most definitely be flying this fall and winter with the 3DR Solo.

  • rochester_veteran

    Tania, I know this is a Buster post, but please accept my condolences for the loss of Tiny. You know I’m fond of Buster, happy dog!!!