Happy Adoptaversary Penny!


June 30, 2013

Two years ago I brought Penny home to meet Buster. In this time, I have enjoyed witnessing her personality shine. Penny motivates Buster to move more, he chases after her with no hope of ever catching her. In turn, Penny rounds up Buster when it’s time to go outside. She possesses a regimented personality, making sure everyone is in their place and things run smoothly. Walk time is so very interesting. Buster rambles along sniffing every blade of grass. Penny gets her business done followed immediately with getting her walk on. There are no stops to smell the grass and the walking pace is brisk while Buster shuffles behind her.

Penny and Buster

My little snow-bunny having fun chasing after snowballs in winter.


Penny loves her toys, not sharing, but playing with them. It is fun to watch Buster and Penny ‘argue’ over a toy that both are afraid to grab until I pick it up and throw it.


As I write this post, Penny is laying on the floor next to me. She is my constant shadow always ready for our next adventure. Her favorite activity is to lay on my chest and cuddle, especially when I want to sleep 🙂


Love her to bits and look forward to many years of fun, cuddles and adventure.


Never Forget —-> Dogs are family, not dinner. #StopYulin2015


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  • rochester_veteran

    Awww, Penny! It’s cool how dogs adopt their roles in a household, such as motivating Buster and being your shadow. My old dog, K-ci, had his favorite spot snuggling under my legs when I sat in my recliner.