This eye-catching building overlooking the sea called Harpa is the next subject of my photo tour of Iceland. Harpa, a one of a kind concert and conference center in Reykjavik and like Hallgrimskirkja you can’t miss it. One that I cast a curious eye during my stay in the city. I spent several days circling the building taking photos at different times of the day. Don’t have a good answer for why I stalked this building. However I certainly saved the best for last when I walked into Harpa on my final evening in Iceland. Absolutely jaw dropping interior design. It did not take long to fill up SD cards in both cameras trying to capture the divine interior design of Harpa.

After visiting this venue, it is an easy and scenic walk along the seawall to Solfar Sun Voyager.

One day I will study the life story of this musician immortalized in stone outside the main entrance of Harpa.

Harpa Concert Hall

Harpa Concert Hall Musician

This time I am using Flickr Album to showcase my photos of Harpa. It seems there is a loading issue with the slide show plug-in leading me to try a Flickr Album embed with this post. Feel free to discuss the merits of this type of photo display in the comment section.



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  • Unique, one of a kind building! Those platforms next to the steps look like their designed for people to lay on them. Nice view of the harbor from within, and open and airy space. BTW, Flickr Album embed worked well.