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Here We Go Again – First 2016 Presidential Debate


Hosted by FaceBook and Fox News, scheduled live from Cleveland on August 6th at 9pm EST. Selected moderators of this debate will be Megan Kelly, Brett Bair and Chris Wallace.

This time around Fox News is collecting photos and videos with questions for the candidates. I would imagine the producers of this debate are having a ton of fun wading through the video and photo submissions. Lots of front facing iPhone videos, bad lighting and scratchy audio, if the promo video is any indicator.

I did send a video question and have no expectation of it being asked during the debate. My plan is to post the video on the blog the night of the debate. We will see if any of the candidates indirectly answer my question.

This should be interesting. Stay Tuned!


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  • Trevor Hilton

    I miss your political commentary from your Midnight Blue Says days

    • Tania

      It’s still there, Trevor. The election season is just getting warmed up!

      • rochester_veteran

        I’ve been following you since those days as well, when you told me about your blog at the Eagles Muster rally. This is going to be an interesting election (as in, “May you live in interesting times”).

  • rochester_veteran

    I like Cruz and Walker. Although he’s leading in the popularity polls, I don’t care for Trump, but I wonder if he’ll be frozen out of the debates as has been threatened by the GOP establishment.

  • Can’t wait to see your video, and hope that it gets picked!

    • rochester_veteran

      I hope you video makes the cut, especially considering the price you paid to make it! My choices thus far are Ted Cruz and Scott Walker, although I do like what Donald Trump is doing stirring the pot!