Iceland Bound – Reykjavik Half Marathon


The day has arrived! I leave today to run a half marathon in Reykjavik this weekend and celebrate my birthday as well. The past two weeks I’ve run around (literally) getting in final training runs done and organizing my gear. Also made arrangements for the care of Buster, Penny and Mom.

While internet connection will be spotty at best, I plan to upload images to Instagram and Twitter during this adventure. You can follow along on my Twitter feed @skye820 or my Instagram feed @TaniaGail

As is my custom, I ask friends, family, blog readers to help celebrate my birthday with the gift of kindness. Buy someone a cup of coffee or donate blood this weekend. Whatever suits your fancy. I’d much rather have acts of kindness done in my name than gifts. Leave a note in the comment sections sharing your act of kindness this weekend.


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  • Trevor Hilton

    God be with you. Have fun, and have a Very Blessed Birthday

  • Good Luck, God Bless, and have a wonderful time.

  • Dale Light

    Happy Birthday to you…,
    Happy Birthday to you…,
    Happy Birthday dear Tania,
    Happy Birthday to you…..,

    May you have many mooooorrrreeee!!!

  • rochester_veteran

    I hope you have a good trip to Iceland. Run well, like the wind! Hope you get to see some of the sights that you’ve posted about. Say hi to the “dottirs and sons” from me! 😉