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Iceland: There and Hopefully Back Again

Harbor and Mountains

I’m working on editing photos and videos from Iceland this week. I have shared a few of them on Instagram and Twitter just to let friends know I’ve actually returned from Iceland. I hope to have a race report and blog post filled to the brim with photos by the end of this week. I guesstimate that I took around 2 thousand photos and it will take time to sort and edit them.

Two hours before leaving for this trip, a long-awaited Kickstarter project arrived at my door. The Kashmir – a female focused camera pack from F-stoppers which I had backed in Fall 2014 with an anticipated arrival date of May 2015 – Ha! I had planned to use the backpack on this trip but there was absolutely no way I was going to repack my gear minutes before leaving for the airport; that would be a disaster written about in every “How Not To Travel’ guide. However, it was so very frustrating to leave the pack home.

Of course, I will post a review of the camera pack – perhaps a video review – next weekend.

Have I mentioned here I backed an Indigogo Micro Drone 3.0 project. Anticipated arrival date for this quadcopter is November or December. Fingers crossed this one arrives on time.

And, of course, the Pope is coming to Philly. I will be sharing Tweets and Instagram updates using the hashtag #PapalLockdown

Lots of things going on around my sphere. I’m going to have a fun time trying to document them all for you on the blog.

Head spinning yet? Have a look at the two photos from Iceland I’ve shared on social media today. The Sun Viking Ship and a quiet harbor in Snaefrost.

Sun Viking


P.S. I have not forgot about #FictionFriday Alex and Lucy chronicles.


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  • rochester_veteran

    I’ll be interested in your #PapalLockdown updates. This Pope has me concerned as he’s gone all out moonbat on Anthropogenic Climate Change, capitalism (Unbridled capitalism is the ‘dung of the devil’), Liberation Theology (Maxism disguised as religion) and has so far “well represented” his order, the Jesuits, as the liberal arm of the Catholic Church. It’s been speculated that while in Philly, he may postulate on the “merits” of world government. Keep your ear out for that one, when you’re dealing with the traffic tie-ups associated with his visit.

  • rochester_veteran

    Beautiful photos of the Sun Viking Ship and the harbor in Snaefrost, nice teasers for the rest of your photos! Looking forward to them!

  • Yay! I’m happy you are back on American soil, safe and sound. I look forward to your #FictionFriday return!