Intex Challenger K1 Review Coming Soon!


I promise the review will be posted on the blog soon! This weekend, I’m taking Penny out for her first kayaking experience. Her reaction should be interesting and will definitely make for good video. I’m not sure at all how she will react on the kayak. She possesses a mercurial temperament which makes it hard for me at times to predict her reaction. Of course, she will be in life jacket for the very likely event of her jumping off the kayak.

Every time I’m out on the kayak, I discover something new about the kayak or myself.  I have been fortunate to meet knowledgeable kayakers who are happy to share their wisdom with this newbie. And the information was greatly appreciated.  So my dear readers, I cannot wait to share my kayaking adventure with all of you. Maybe even inspire you to dip your toes into the sport of kayaking.

Until then, have a look at a video I created of an early kayak outing in Darby Creek. Hopefully, it will peak your interest in what is to come on this blog. Let me know if you have any experience with kayaking or ideas of where I should explore with my beautiful kayak.

Till we meet again, Happy Paddling!



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  • Tania, kayaking uncharted waters on Darby Creek! Looking forward to your upcoming blog!